Stray Kids' Hyunjin Gets Suspended by JYP Entertainment Amid Bullying Accusations

In a statement released by his management company, the 20-year-old rapper is said to be 'self-reflecting on the fact that he hurt various people in middle school.'

AceShowbiz - K-pop star Hyunjin has been suspended by his management company amid accusations he bullied pupils during his time at school.

The Stray Kids singer, who is now 20, has been outed as a middle school bully, prompting JYP Entertainment officials to launch an investigation by speaking to his former teachers and fellow students.

"Hyunjin will take the time to self-reflect after halting all of his activities as a celebrity," a statement reads. "He sincerely regrets and is self-reflecting on the fact that he hurt various people in middle school."

Hyunjin has also reportedly apologised in person to the accuser, who posted claims on a forum chat.

"I am embarrassed and have no excuse," he said. "I don't think I can be forgiven."

Hyunjin has become the latest Korean star accused of bullying in his teens as part of a wave of accusations against celebrities - singers Soojin and Kihyun and actors Jo Byung Gyu and Kim Dong Hee have all denied allegations. Park Hye-soo was also accysed of bullying middle school classmates, prompting her K-drama series "Dear.M", which was set to premiere last Friday, to be postponed.

Hyunjin isn't the only Stray Kids member stirring up controversy - his bandmate Han recently apologised for racial slurs he used in lyrics for a song he released prior to his time with the boy band. He uploaded the explosive track on his YouTube channel in 2013, when he was 13.

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