DaniLeigh Changes Her Ethnicity Claims After Saying She's 39% West African

Fans notice that the claims contradict her previous claims in which the singer said in a now-deleted tweet that she had '40% west African blood in my system.'

AceShowbiz - DaniLeigh raised people's eyebrows after they noticed that the singer appeared to change story about her ethnicity. The "Yellow Bone" singer caught wind of someone questioned if she was even black to use the n-word.

"is dani leigh afro-latino? that's my question, cause she says n***a so freely, but being dominican doesn't mean she's black. & that's been my gripe wit her from jump street," the person wrote on Twitter. Seemingly responding to that, Dani tweeted, "I'm 39% west African .. Those were wrong . Thanks."

However, fans noticed that the claims contradicted her previous claims in which she said in a now-deleted tweet that she had "40% west African blood in my system." Further confusing people, Dani also shared her ancestry results in 2020 which stated that she only had 17% African in her blood.

"your recent results Dani you only possess 17% of west African countries combined not 39 or 40 because it showed 9% Benin and togo, 4% Mali, 3% Senegal, 1% Ivory Coast and Ghana, and those are the only west African countries on that list. That how it's read. Not being mean here," one person corrected her.

"Dani Leigh said she 40% west African..... at this point she more African then me f**k am I dark for," another person chimed in. "im no mathematician but dani leigh is not 40% west african pls," someone else echoed.

A fan added, "Not Dani Leigh lying about being 40% West African and forgetting she posted her ancestry results + parents last year." Blasting the star, a person tweeted, "Stop lying, yo. We're sick of it. You hate Black women, love Black men, and wanna pretend you're Black all while being lberian asf. Seek help. You're beyond confused."

Dani, who was deemed colorist due to her song "Yellow Bone", has yet to respond to the backlash.

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