Kash Doll and Kevin Durant Feuding Over Initial 'KD'

The 'Ice Me Out' hitmaker refers to herself as 'KD' in a cheeky tweet but the Brooklyn Nets player, less than impressed by her post, tells her to stick to her full moniker.

AceShowbiz - Kash Doll clashed with Kevin Durant on Twitter. The Brooklyn Nets player and the "Ice Me Out" hitmaker got into a back-and-forth exchange on the social media after the latter referred to herself as "KD" on one of her recent posts.

"All these ni**as wanna f*ck KD," so Kash Doll wrote over the weekend. It was a modified lyrics of Moneybagg Yo's "Said Sum" Remix featuring DaBaby and City Girls.

The basketball player was seemingly irked by it. The 32-year-old NBA star suggested he owned the initial and the female rapper, real name Arkeisha Antoinette Knight, should just stick to her full moniker.

"You did not have to use those initials to get this tweet off...U have to relax with the KD talk, your name is KASHDOLL," the basketballer responded. When a fan laughed at his complaint, he insisted, "Nah, she turnt up for no apparent reason dog."

However, Kash Doll played down their beef and sent the athlete a love emoji with a cheeky message, "I'm the real KD.... your name Kevin Durant act accordingly." She insisted all was good between the two of them with another cheeky post, "We argue all the time.... he know I'm the REAL KD."

But the femcee still caught flak and she was forced to defend herself by re-tweeting her fan who penned, "She been calling herself KD, this album was released in 2019 and look at the title." She referred to her song called "KD Diary" which came out three years ago.

Last year, Kash Doll sparked an online dance craze with her hit single "Ice Me Out". A modern day interpretation of "diamonds are a girl's best friend," the single was a sleeper hit. Originally released in August 2018, it became a new fever on the internet two years later.

The song invaded TikTok and raked in millions of views with the most popular video from Charli D'Amelio amassing over 38 million views.

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