Color of Change Calls for End of Support for Golden Globes Amid Corruption and Bullying Allegations

Calling the allegations against the HFPA 'egregious,' Color of Change president Rashad Robinson urges networks to hold their support for an awards show that is 'rigged.'

AceShowbiz - The upcoming 2021 Golden Globe Awards has been plagued with serious accusations of corruption, bullying and self-dealing. Just days leading to the 78th annual award-giving event, there is a call for an end of support for the show, which is often dubbed one of the most prestigious events in Hollywood.

Color of Change president Rashad Robinson is the one speaking on the alleged problems within the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA), which presents the Golden Globes. Noticing how big the impact of winning a Golden Globe is, he tells Yahoo Finance, "Those doors that get closed [by not winning a Golden Globe award] are economic doors, are doors to greater opportunities. Are doors where people can then build businesses for the future and so that is why this is so important. That's why these allegations are so egregious, because the role that the Golden Globes had in being able to be sort of this door opener, should be questioned."

Robinson also addresses criticism directed at the HFPA for not giving black people and their works more recognition. "There are black creatives who did get nominated this year that we should be celebrating and uplifting," he claims. "The Golden Globes director category is more diverse from a gender perspective, I believe, than ever before. So there are some things that we should sort of make sure that we don't throw out."

Hoping for a change, he suggests how people should take action in the matter, "If the Hollywood Foreign Press Association is not willing to sort of interrogate their rules, deal with the leadership challenges they have, then they don't deserve our support anymore."

"The networks that run them should question whether or not they're running a system, an awards show that is rigged, or has these types of violations," Robinson adds. "We would hold our support or we would push back on other big events if we thought that they were rigged, right?"

The L.A. Times first came up with the allegations against the HFPA. In its report based on its investigation, the paper claimed the organization is "struggling to shake its reputation as a group whose awards or nominations can be influenced with expensive junkets and publicity swag," putting the legitimacy of Golden Globes in question.

The 2021 Golden Globe Awards is set to take place on Sunday, February 28, with Tina Fey co-hosting from the Rainbow Room in New York City, and Amy Poehler co-hosting from The Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills, California.

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