CNN Anchor Sparks Outrage Over 'Disgusting' Comment on Tiger Woods' Car Crash

Andy Scholes shocks viewers as saying that he's 'not entirely surprised' by the horrifying accident given the pro golfer's past history of using painkillers.

AceShowbiz - A TV anchor may have now learned a lesson that there's nothing good coming from trash talking someone who has been suffering a misfortune. CNN sports reporter Andy Scholes has landed in hot water after making insensitive comment about Tiger Woods in the wake of his bad single-vehicle accident.

"Stunned I guess, but not entirely surprised by, you know, what we're seeing here," Andy said during a broadcast within hours of the crash. "Tiger, back in 2017, was found by police, pulled over to the side of the road. You know, asleep in his car."

He went on bringing up Tiger's past history of using painkillers, "He had said he had taken a lot of painkillers at that time. Because, as well all know, Tiger has undergone a lot of surgeries over the years and painkillers have become a part of his life."

Back in 2017, Tiger was arrested in Jupiter, Florida for driving under the influence of prescription drugs. Police also suspected that alcohol or drugs may have been a factor in his single-car accident near his Florida home in 2009, although they found no supporting evidence.

Andy's comment quickly drew outrage from Twitter users, including fellow sports journalist Hemal Jhaveri, an editor for USA Today Sports. "This is just irresponsible journalism," Hemal tweeted. "We don't know anything yet. CNN needs to get some real sports reporters."

Another wrote to the CNN anchor, "I think it was completely insensitive that at the breaking news about Tigers accident the first thing you brought up were his past injuries,pain killers and alcohol. It was disgusting."

Andy quickly apologized for his remark, replying to some of the criticisms directed at him. "Sorry didn't mean for it to come out that way," he responded to one comment. He also wrote, "I'm sorry. This was delivered poorly," to a user who asked him to "at least give [Woods] the benefit of the doubt that he's turned his life around and not on pain killers."

Tiger suffered "comminuted open fractures affecting both the upper and lower portions of the tibia and fibula bones" that "were stabilized by inserting a rod into the tibia" following the roll over accident on the border of Rolling Hills Estates and Rancho Palos Verdes on Tuesday morning, February 23. He also suffered serious injuries to his right ankle and foot, which were stabilized "with a combination of screws and pins." The 45-year-old is currently recovering at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center in West Carson after undergoing a successful surgery.

While Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva confirmed the sportsman's SUV had been traveling at a "relatively greater speed than normal" when it crossed the center divide in the road and crashed into trees, he said that there will not be any charges filed against the star. "This is purely an accident," he said at a news conference on Wednesday.

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