Duff McKagan to Release Album He Recorded With Pre-Guns N' Roses Band

When announcing that he will make 'The Living: 1982' available to the public in April, the Axl Rose bandmate gives fans a taste by dropping its first single, 'Two-Generation Stand'.

AceShowbiz - Rocker Duff McKagan has gone back in time to revisit music he wrote and recorded with his pre-Guns N' Roses band in the early 1980s.

The bass player was just 17 when he recorded tracks with The Living, but the results of the session were never released.

The tracks will finally be made available to the public on 16 April on new album "The Living: 1982".

McKagan has dropped the album's first single, "Two-Generation Stand", while announcing the news on Wednesday, February 24.

The Living were together for just a few months, but in that time they opened for Canadian punk icons D.O.A.. They failed to find a label home and split just before McKagan moved to Los Angeles, met Axl Rose and formed Guns N' Roses.

His bandmates co-founded influential Seattle, Washington grunge band Mother Love Bone with Pearl Jam's Jeff Ament and Stone Gossard.

Ironically, "The Living: 1982" will be released via Gossard's label Loosegroove.

McKagan is thrilled his long-lost music is getting a release. "The Living was the beginning of all things Seattle for me - a turning point in my life," he says of the band. "I joined a band and a community. These guys are still my brothers. I've cherished these recordings since the days we made them. This record is a fantastic document of a loaded moment. I love it."

McKagan recalls once wondering if the recording would ever be heard, questioning, "Would this even ever get out of our basement?" He adds, "We had something magical then, and it was ours, so who gives a f**k!"

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