Charlamagne Tha God on Lakeith Stanfield Waving Gun at His Pic: Don't Laugh With Him, Pray for Him

While the radio presenter hits back at the 'Knives Out' actor for playing 'the victim' amid their feud, he does express his concern for his foe over his disturbing TikTok video.

AceShowbiz - Charlamagne Tha God has responded after Lakeith Stanfield sparked concerns anew with his latest antics. On Sunday, February 21, the actor posted a disturbing video that featured him waving a gun at the picture of his nemesis Charlamagne in addition to doing some random things.

Making use of his radio show "The Breakfast Club", the radio presenter addressed Lakeith's apparent threat to him in the Monday, February 22 episode. "This is yet another example of Lakeith being able to dish it but he can't take it because he made comments about 'The Breakfast Club' and other black outlets being anti-black, being negative, reinforcing negative stereotypes of Black people, that was back in 2019," Charlamagne said of his foe.

Charlamagne further detailed his feud with the "Straight Outta Compton" star, "I gave him 'Donkey of the Day' for that and pointed out all of the times he's gone on these white people's platforms and reinforced negative stereotypes of black people himself. I left it alone after that. Lakeith did a whole reply video, he did a diss song, he put my face on the cover of the song, and had me with the sambo lips. I didn't respond to any of that, but I gave him a little jab during the interview with Daniel. I owed him that and that was light."

Accusing Lakeith of playing victim, he continued dissing the actor, "What Lakeith does is he gets online and he plays the victim and he makes it seem like I'm always coming at him." He argued, "But he does that all the time. When he made comments about Kamala's hair last year and got backlash, he got online and said he can say what he wants and no one can force him into not saying what he wants. All good but if you gon' have that energy of saying what you want, don't play victim when people say something back."

When the other co-host mentioned Lakeith's video in which he brandished his pistol in front of Charmalagne's image, the 42-year-old expressed his concern over the actor's mental health. "All jokes aside though, pray for that brother LaKeith Stanfield," he implored. "I want that brother to get the healing he deserves. He's clearly crying out for help and he's been crying out for help for a long time. It's all fun and games, laughs, and reposts until that brother hurts himself. So don't laugh with him, pray for him."

Before ending their conversation about Lakeith, Charmalagne once again reminded his nemesis to stop playing the victim, though. "He loves this s**t, but he can't take it. Stop posting …, stop acting like you're the victim. If you're gonna say what you want, deal with the repercussions... That's all I've got to say about it," he said. "Cause I'm terrified of LaKeith, he's too tough for me."

In the now-deleted video, Lakeith was seen filming himself in the mirror before whipping a gun which he took out from the pocket of his pants and pointed it to his reflection in the mirror. He appeared to be hyped up while lip-syncing to a hip-hop song.

The scene then cut to show him giving a middle finger to FBI informant William O'Neal, whose picture was displayed on the screen of his laptop. He also pointed his gun to Charmalgne's picture on his laptop and was seen holding a mannequin while mouthing the rap lyrics at another moment.

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