Demi Lovato Still Finds It Hard to Feel Worthy of So Much Love After Release of Docuseries Trailer

In a promo video for her upcoming YouTube documentary 'Dancing with the Devil', the 'Sober' singer candidly reveals she had three strokes and a heart attack when she was hospitalized for a heroin overdose.

AceShowbiz - Demi Lovato could not help but be overwhelmed by the positive reactions she received for the trailer of her upcoming YouTube documentary series. Shortly after the promo video for "Dancing with the Devil" was made available, the "Sober" songstress candidly admitted that she still found it "hard to feel worthy of so much love."

"I can't express the gratitude I feel for all the love and support I've gotten today," the 28-year-old pop star wrote on her Instagram Story post dated Wednesday, February 17. "It's still hard to feel worthy of so much love but I'm working on it and letting some of that love sink in makes this process so much easier."

The ex-fiancee of Max Ehrich went on to thank her supporters. "So thank you for being a part of this journey with me," she stated. "I love you all." In the following Story, she added, "It's actually hard not to just walk around crying tears of gratitude today - and normally I WOULD but this face was just painted by @makeupbymario and I just gotta hold it together until I'm thru working."

Demi Lovato's IG Stories

Demi Lovato is grateful for the postive reactions she got after releasing her documentary trailer.

A few hours earlier, Demi posted the teaser for her revealing docuseries. "Demi Lovato: 'Dancing with the Devil' (Trailer). I've been holding #DemiDWTD incredibly close to my heart, and now it's time to share an inside look. This is only a short preview of what is to comeā€¦," she noted in the caption. "Join me on March 23 for the premiere on @Youtube."

The trailer itself offers accounts from people close to Demi over her near-fatal 2018 heroin overdose. In it, the "Stone Cold" songstress additionally revealed that she had three strokes and a heart attack during her hospitalization. The incident also left her "with brain damage," with her adding that she still deals "with the effects of that today. I don't drive a car, because I have blind spots on my vision."

Following the trailer release, Demi was flooded with support from her fellow celebrities. One in particular was actress Lucy Hale who reposted her footage on her Instagram Story feed and noted. "Demi I am so proud of you - This is so powerful. I don't even know what to say." The "Camp Rock" alum then responded on her own Story feed, stating, "I love you so much Lucy, thank you."

Also throwing support for Demi was fellow singer Sam Fischer, with whom she sings "What Other People Say". In his Story feed, Sam pointed out, "I am so proud of u, so blown away by ur honesty, forever inspired by u & unvelievably grateful to call u a friend. @ddlovato."

Demi Lovato's IG Stories

Demi Lovato thanked Lucy Hale and Sam Fischer for their support.

In response to the 29-year-old Australian crooner's statements, the former Disney darling raved, "Thank you Sam!!!" She then added, "I can't wait to perform our song together.. thank you for helping me share my story."

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