Ronnie Wood's Ex-Wife Blames Her Money for Difficulties in Trusting Potential Suitors

Over a decade after splitting from The Rolling Stones member, Jo Wood opens up about her struggles in locking down a solid relationship and what she is looking for in a man.

AceShowbiz - Jo Wood is struggling to lock down a solid relationship since splitting from The Rolling Stones star Ronnie Wood, because she is worried about gold diggers.

The 65-year-old split from Ronnie in 2008 and admits she worries men are only after her money, and that's making it difficult for her to trust potential new lovers.

"A man has to have a lot of confidence," she tells The Sun on Sunday while listing potential suitors' must-haves. "It's a hard thing for me as men think, 'Oh, here's a bird with money - I don't have to bother'. But any money that's left over when I'm gone goes to my kids. I've also had guys say that I've set the bar too high."

Last year (20), Jo insisted she was not in any rush to find a new man after her split from businessman Carl Douglas.

She told HELLO! magazine, "I don't have time, there's too much going on. Maybe when everything is back to normal, perhaps I'll think about it again. Until then, I'm happy as I am."

Following her split from Ronnie, Jo also dated builder Paul Scarborough after he renovated her North London townhouse in 2012, but they split in 2017. She fell for Carl in 2018 after meeting on a dating site.

Prior to this, Jo talked about when she was diagnosed with Crohn's disease. "What really made me turn away from the party lifestyles was, we were in Ireland, and I got ill and thought I had gotten food poisoning. I went to see the doctor and went back to London and saw loads of doctors," she said. "They then misdiagnosed me with Crohn's disease, and had put me on steroids, and I had this article come out in the paper that said, 'Stones wife with incurable disease.' "

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