Tory Lanez Reacts to Being Called Out by Yung Bleu Over Remix

'If u liked my song enough to remix it at least @ a n***a coming up In the same lane,' the 'Unappreciate' rapper blasts the Canadian star after he posted his own remix to 'You're Mines Still'.

AceShowbiz - Yung Bleu wasn't thrilled over Tory Lanez uploading a remix to his track "You're Mines Still" featuring Drake. In addition to blocking Tory's remix on YouTube, Bleu publicly called out the Canadian rapper for not tagging him on his own version of the remix.

"Remixes cool but show love ! Y'all n***as weird !" the "Miss It" rapper wrote on Instagram on Thursday, February 11. "@torylanez I reached out to u on some let's work s**t. U never responded that's cool ! Never gone get mad at that ! but u wanna remix my song and dnt even acknowledge a young n***a tryna come up."

He went on venting, "U rap n***as be on some h** s**t. Ain't no more biting my tongue with you n***as ! If u liked my song enough to remix it at least @ a n***a coming up In the same lane. Show love ! N***as be acting scary ima come direct ain fenna subtweet s**t." Not stopping there, Bleu wrote on Twitter, "How u gone remix a n***a song but act like I don't exist and dnt show no love when u do it. Make it make sense."

Additionally, Bleu shared his piece of mind regarding the "Quarantine Radio" host in a video he posted on the photo-sharing platform. "I hope it ain't take you long to record that song," he quipped. "I hope you ain't spent no lotta money, twelve hours in the studio recording that song," Bleu said. " 'Cause as soon as you upload that b***h on YouTube, that b***h finna come straight down. So, go get ya money back, go get ya refund, go get a receipt. You didn't tag me, you didn't show love. That s**t comin' down."

Tory caught wind of the callout and responded in a tweet. Tagging Blue, Tory penned, "... crazy thing is ... I love your music and your song , that's why I remixed it .. your an incredible artist .. and I've been listening to yu since 'Unappreciated' .. but if you feel some sorta way, we can just talk like men over a phone and not social media .Love bro."

Prior to this, Tory revealed that he accidentally "uploaded the SHORTER version of MINE STILL FREESTYLE on my YouTube." He added, "DONT WRRY IM SWAPPING IT OUT 4 THE EXTENDED BETTER VERSION NOW."

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