Robin Wright Gets Candid About Bear Whisperer Hiring for 'Land' Filming

Speaking about her new film on 'Live with Kelly and Ryan', the 'Forrest Gump' actress additionally shares her thought on filming in remote Alberta, Canada to make the scenes look authentic.

AceShowbiz - Robin Wright really went into the wild to shoot her new film "Land" - and needed a bear whisperer to keep her cast and crew members safe from the local creatures.

The "Forrest Gump" star pulls double duty on the movie, as director and leading lady, a woman who retreats to a remote cabin as she battles grief and the urge to take her own life, before the kindness of strangers sets her on a new path.

But filming in remote Alberta, Canada meant that even the production's trained bear had to be protected from the local grizzlies, who took quite an interest in the Hollywood visitors.

"We have a scene in the movie where a bear is basically in danger of being eaten by a bear, and we had to do (the scene with) visual effects because it wasn't safe for the trained bear to be on the set, because we had wild bears around the set all day long," Robin tells "Live with Kelly and Ryan".

"We had to have a bear whisperer to keep them away."

But Robin has no complaints about getting to grips with nature to make the country scenes look authentic.

"First of all, it's like medicine being out there," she smiles. "We were at 8,000 feet at the top of a mountain and to wake up and hear birds and not honking horns and trains - it was peaceful and it was therapy."

In another interview, Robin admitted that she initially hesitated to direct the movie. "Should I? Can I? Yes, you can. You can do it. You just have to be committed to your strength and your confidence that you can do it," she explained.

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