Salma Hayek Scolded by TV Cast and Crewmembers for Repeatedly Violating Covid-19 Protocols

The 'From Dusk Till Dawn' actress admits she struggled to keep up with the coronavirus protocols as she kept forgetting to wear face masks when she's on the set.

AceShowbiz - Actress Salma Hayek is constantly scaring people away on film and TV sets amid the Covid-19 pandemic because she frequently forgets to wear her face mask.

The "Frida" star admits she really should know better, having served as an executive producer on Netflix's Mexican drama series "Monarca", but she has repeatedly been scolded by other cast and crewmembers for unintentionally going mask-less as she wanders from post to post.

"I was producing a show, Monarca..., the second season, and so I, as a producer, had to go through all the (COVID) complications to get the show going, and so we could finish it," she told U.S. breakfast show "Today". "And even knowing all of that, when I went to do it (act) myself after being an actress for more than 30 years, I would do everything wrong!"

"I eat most of the time on the craft table (sic) and I would go to the craft table, try to grab something, and they're like, 'No! Don't touch anything!' I'm like, 'It's a Snickers bar.' They're like, 'No! Don't touch it...!'" Salma recalled.

"And after a take, I take my mask off and... I go, 'I'm gonna go check it out on the monitor...,' and everyone's running away from me. 'No, you can't come this way, you have no mask!' "

"I know that those are the rules but when you're used to it (regular life on set) for so long, it's so weird," she added.

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