'RHOA': LaToya Ali and Drew Sidora Almost Have Catfight During Cast Trip

Kenya Moore advises the Canadian YouTuber to apologize to the 'Step Up' actress and she does, but it seems like LaToya isn't fully sincere as she shades Drew once again.

AceShowbiz - LaToya Ali and Drew Sidora may be newcomers in the current season 13 of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta", but the two already serve drama in a new episode of the show. The pair almost had a catfight during their sunny South Carolina trip.

Upon arriving in Isle of Palms after taking 8-hours long travel in a sprinter van, they played a game of murder mystery. That was when a fight between LaToya and Drew Sidora erupted. It started after LaToya asked Kenya Moore's friend Falyyn why she wasn't staying with the rest of the girls. To that, she replied, "I brought my husband," adding that he was her "best friend."

Some others thought it was sweet of Falyyn to do so, but LaToya begged to differ. "Shut up with the 'aww'! You could've made a best friend on this trip," she said. Drew then defended Falyyn, saying, "Don't listen to her. She don't care about husbands. Aww."

The two ladies apparently didn't stop there as the drama followed to the next day. LaToya confronted the "Step Up" star, asking, "What'd you say about my husband?" Drew responded, "I said you don't care about husbands, boo. Falynn does."

The tension was so thick with LaToya grabbing Drew's wrist before bringing up the actress' marriage to Ralph Pittman. "Drew, can we talk about your struggling husband?" she asked, prompting Drew to fire back, "You don't know nothing about my struggling husband, though." The other ladies came between the two before things escalated.

"The last b***h that grabbed me found her head rammed in a damn gate. Don't f**k with me. I'm from Chicago, b***h," Drew said. "She grabbed my wrist twice, three times."

She added in confessionals, "One thing you will not do, girl, is ever, ever put your hands on me. I was already on alert with LaToya's comments about my wig," referring to LaToya saying that Drew "has a pet on her head" on the day they met for the first time. "But now this? You do not violate that right to come in someone's personal space, let alone put your hands on them."

Kenya then advised LaToya to apologize to Drew which she agreed. "I apologize for touching you," she said to Drew, "So can I touch you now?" Drew responded, "Don't touch me ever!"

Despite apologizing, it seemed like the Canadian YouTuber wasn't fully sincere as she shaded Drew once again. "I just want to touch the hair," said LaToya, to which Drew replied, "Do you even understand what's going on right now?" Not stopping there, LaToya even ordered a custom wig for Drew.

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