Christa B. Allen Will 'Absolutely' Be Invited to Upcoming 'Revenge' Reunion

The organizer of the upcoming virtual event insists the Charlotte Grayson depicter is not snubbed after the actress said she was not invited to the online reunion.

AceShowbiz - Christa B. Allen will "absolutely" be invited to be part of the "Revenge" reunion, the coordinator of the event has promised.

The actress, who portrayed Charlotte Grayson on the U.S. TV show from 2011 to 2015, had taken to Instagram on Monday (25Jan21) to reveal she was feeling snubbed after not being asked to be part of the virtual event, which involved her former co-stars Emily VanCamp, Josh Bowman, Nick Wechsler, and Barry Sloane.

However, after expressing her disappointment and telling fans she'd host a free reunion on her own on TikTok on the same day - 6 February (21) - Winklepicker Entertainment founder Mark Wright, who is in charge of the reunion, said that they'd opted against hosting the event on the original platform of Tixr, because of the limitations in terms of how many people could be involved.

Instead, they've moved to a different platform, and Wright is in the process of reaching out to other castmembers to invite them to participate in the reunion.

"In the beginning, we could only accommodate four of the cast members because of tech limitations," he told E! News. "Within the last few weeks, we ended up joining with a new platform, so we're going to be able to expand the event. Now, we're looking to include the other cast members, if they're available. I'm inviting them all this week."

"I just want to make it right with her, let her know that she was on my list to reach out to invite. She just beat me to the punch because the marketing team started posting stuff to get the ball rolling, and we planned to continue to add people as we go."

Admitting he has yet to officially contact Christa, Wright added that she will "absolutely" be invited.

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