Paula Abdul Takes a Dig at Michael Bolton Over His Babysitting Skills

The former 'American Idol' judge describes the 'When a Man Loves a Woman' hitmaker as 'the worst babysitter,' claiming that 'all he cared about was music.'

AceShowbiz - Singer/dancer Paula Abdul has slammed Michael Bolton's childcare skills, insisting he was the worst babysitter when she was a kid.

The "Straight Up" hitmaker's big sister was close with the singer/songwriter when he was still trying to find his way in the music business, so when she needed someone to watch Paula, she called on her pal.

"My older sister, Wendy, was really good friends with Michael," the former "American Idol" judge tells Kelly Clarkson on her U.S. daytime talk show.

"His name was Michael Bolotin... and he was an aspiring singer/songwriter from Connecticut. He used to come out (to Los Angeles) in the summers. He had his girlfriend, who ended up being his wife later on, Maureen."

"We were all together and I would be in my Brownie uniform and no one wanted to babysit and we'd make Michael (do it). Michael would have to babysit."

But she wouldn't recommend the "When a Man Loves a Woman" hitmaker, "He was the worst babysitter, because all he cared about was music."

Back in 2011, Paula Abdul explained to Jimmy Kimmel why Michael Bolton was a bad babysitter, "I used to get so p**sed off when he'd babysit me because... he'd never help me do my homework; he would only wanna just jam with the rest of the musicians in the building that I lived in."

She even deliberately hurt herself to get his attention, "He went out, I knew he wouldn't be coming back for a while so I ran on my knees on the couch and there was a pencil sticking up in the cushion and I ran over the pencil... It jammed in my leg and he had to take me to hospital. I still have the scar in my knee... And he was so disinterested. He didn't care."

Michael said in response, "You're gonna get me in trouble. I'm like the bad babysitter. It was not my job; it was somebody else's responsibility. I'm a musician."

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