King Von's Sister and Cuban Doll Bite Each Other in Violent Brawl

The two meet in Atlanta shortly after their Twitter feud and that Is when things turn even nastier as Kayla reveals on Twitter that they bite each other during the fight.

AceShowbiz - The Twitter beef between King Von's sister Kayla and Cuban Doll escalated rather quickly. The two exchanged insults on the blue bird app before they eventually met up to settle their differences in a physical altercation.

"Wen have you Eva linked wit somebody? I'm wasting my time. I rather be on the Internet getting jumped on all day but at least I wasn't on Internet getting f***ed," so Kayla taunted Cuban on Wednesday, January 13. "Everybody go mention her & say fight Kayla & shut up. #FIGHTKAYLA let's start this TREND LET'S GO."

In response to the shade, Cuban wrote on her page, "B****es always minding my business! I meant to say no h** touched me ! Dumb as h** that ain't my # shoulda been tryna text me to link up but no yall all for the net lil63rd. She tryna gather up b****es she aint tryna fight fr!"

Apparently, the two met in Atlanta shortly after their Twitter feud and that was then things turn even nastier. Someone even recorded the whole thing and Kayla revealed on Twitter that they bit each other during the fight. "She was bitting my tit. then I got to do her a** back tf," she tweeted.

In response, Cuban claimed in her tweets that Kayla was actually as brutal as her. "And you clearly was pulling my hair to b***h both hand on my head you bit my face to. Ain't s**t wrong with my face," she said. Cuban also assured her fans in an Instagram Live that her face was okay despite the attack.

It remains to be seen what actually triggered their fight. However, it seemingly has something to do with Kayla's claims that her late brother King Von, who died in a shooting accident in November 2020, told her Cuban tried to sleep with him.

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