John Legend Apologizes to Adam Foss' Sexual Assault Victims for 'Elevating' Him

In Twitter posts, the 'All of Me' singer issues an apology to sexual assault victims of former Massachusetts prosecutor-turned-criminal justice reform advocate.

AceShowbiz - John Legend has distanced himself from Adam Foss amid his sexual assault allegations. Making use of his Twitter account, the "All of Me" singer issued an apology to sexual assault victims of the former Massachusetts prosecutor-turned-criminal justice reform advocate.

"In 2015 we (my org @freeamerica @tystiklorius and I) helped elevate Adam John Foss and the concept of progressive prosecutors," so John wrote on Tuesday, January 12 on the blue bird app. "I later learned that he used his platform to harm women."

He went on explaining in a follow-up tweet, "He used my name and association to gain credibility, and while we are committed to a world where people's lives aren't defined by their mistakes, it's unacceptable to use one's power and influence to harm women. We are so sorry to all of the women he has harmed."

The apology was well-received by many Internet users. "I never believe you would back some who don't have the same beliefs as you. I'm sorry that you was miss led about someone you though you new," one replied. "As a sexual abuse victim (someone else) this post couldn't have been more perfect. Thank you," someone else added.

Another person thanked the husband of Chrissy Teigen, "Thank you for supporting the women he harmed. To any other women who may be struggling with whether their experience is insignificant or 'enough': it is enough. It is always enough." Meanwhile, one user added, "I'm not familiar with this issue and it still needs to be said: thank you for the accountability, which is in precious little supply right now, and for elevating their voices."

Suffolk District Attorney Rachel Rollins announced in November 2020 that Adam Foss, who served as a DA from 2008-2016 at the Massachusetts county, was under investigation for sexual misconduct. "I am aware of and troubled by the allegations that a former SCDAO employee engaged in behavior that was either inappropriate, an abuse of his authority, unethical or illegal," Rollins said on social media. "Every allegation will be investigated fairly and thoroughly."

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