Tommy Vext Pleads With Fans to Stop Bullying Bad Wolves Over His Firing

The heavy metal group made the announcement that they had parted ways with their frontman after he was accused of domestic violence by his ex-girlfriend, fitness model Whitney Johns.

AceShowbiz - Singer Tommy Vext has urged fans to quit "bashing" his former bandmates in heavy metal group Bad Wolves following his ousting from the line-up.

The "Zombie" stars announced they had parted ways with Vext on Saturday, January 9, and although they stopped short of revealing the reason behind the split, the vocalist appears to have blamed his exit on domestic violence allegations made by his ex-girlfriend - claims he has vehemently denied.

In a post on his Instagram Stories timeline, Vext insists he has no hard feelings towards his old pals, even though he believes they acted a little too hastily in firing him.

In a lengthy message, he wrote, "Guys please listen: you can support me without bashing my former band mates in @badwolvesofficial."

"I understand emotions are high and there's a lot of speculation but just chill. I will make a statement when legal documents are finalized. I have no animosity toward the boys, the media once again ran with rumors and forced my ex bandmates to make an ill timed response."

"I am grateful for your support & reassurance and it's actually moved me to tears," he continued. "But we don't need to spread negativity to the other guys."

"We have very different political and spiritual beliefs but they are good human beings & the way I see it is we will have a healthy competition to create awesome music. So everyone wins. I Love John (Boecklin), Doc (Coyle), Chris (Cain) & Kyle (Konkiel). Please Don't bully my homies (friends)."

Tommy Vext's IG Story

Tommy Vext pleaded with fans to stop bashing Bad Wolves in the wake of his firing.

Vext's former girlfriend, fitness model Whitney Johns, was granted a two-year restraining order against the singer following a five-day virtual trial in Los Angeles last month, when she cited four specific instances of domestic violence as the reason for her legal action.

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