'Home Alone 2' Fans Demand Removal of Trump's Cameo Following Capitol Riot
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People call for the movie to digitally edit the scene featuring the outgoing president and replace him with Barack Obama or Joe Biden after he incited the violent protest at the Capitol Hill.

AceShowbiz - Donald Trump's desire to leave longtime legacy with his presidency has backfired. As his days in the office are numbered, the outgoing president has been blamed for the Capitol Hill riot, banned on Twitter and now he's threatened to be cut from "Home Alone 2: Lost in New York".

In the wake of the violent protest that caused the death of five people, including a cop, fans of the movie call for removal of Trump's cameo. In the 1992 cult Christmas film, the 45th POTUS is featured in a scene where Macaulay Culkin's Kevin McCallister asks Trump for directions while lost in New York.

"Digitally remove him from Home Alone 2 next," one fan wrote on Twitter. Another tweeted, "Disney should remove Donald Trump from Home Alone 2." Some others demanded that Trump be replaced with former president Barack Obama or Trump's successor Joe Biden in the scene, with someone having launched a Change.org petition for the replacement.

Taking matter into their own hands, some Twitter folks have gone as far as altering the scene and replacing Trump with various public figures, including Christopher Plummer, Keanu Reeves, a "Star Wars" character as well as an older version of Culkin.

Prior to this, Trump's cameo in "Home Alone 2" was cut by Canadian Broadcasting Corporation from the broadcast during the 2019 Christmas. The move was made to make more room for commercials.

Meanwhile, back in November 2020, the movie director Chris Columbus revealed that Trump was "bullying" his way into the movie as he demanded to be in the sequel in exchange for a permit to shoot in the lobby of The Plaza Hotel, which Trump owned at the time.

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