Patty Jenkins Lashes Out at Headlines Suggesting War With Warner Bros. Over 'Wonder Woman'
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Insisting she was extremely supported by the studio executives, the 'Wonder Woman 1984' director clarifies her 'beard' statement by stressing that it was about other projects at other studios.

AceShowbiz - Filmmaker Patty Jenkins has taken aim at New York Post editors for exaggerating comments she made about initial creative conflicts with Warner Bros. bosses over her vision for "Wonder Woman".

The director recently appeared on Marc Maron's "WTF" podcast and recalled how studio chiefs were hesitant at the start of their collaboration to take her story ideas for 2017's "Wonder Woman" into consideration - until she put her foot down.

"They wanted to hire me like a beard," she said. "They wanted me to walk around on set as a woman, but it was their story and their vision."

"They didn't even want to read my script. There was such mistrust of a different way of doing things and a different point of view... When I first joined 'Wonder Woman', it was like, 'Uh, yeah, OK, but let's do it this other way.' But I was like, 'Women don't want to see that. Her being harsh and tough and cutting people's heads off... I'm a 'Wonder Woman' fan, that's not what we're looking for!' "

Her remarks quickly hit headlines, but Jenkins didn't appreciate the Post's take on her conversation with Maron, which resulted in an article titled, "Patty Jenkins exposes 'war' with Warner Bros. over Wonder Woman".

Taking Post reporters to task on Twitter on Tuesday (January 05), the filmmaker wrote, "Versions of this article seems to be everywhere and not true (sic). There was no 'war' with warner bros. over ww ('Wonder Woman')."

"I'm talking about 10 years of discussions with 10 different execs through them. And whole beard thing was about other projects at other studios."

Jenkins then insisted she has a great working relationship with Warner Bros. executives, who recently signed the director and her leading lady, Gal Gadot, for a third film in the superhero franchise, following the recent launch of "Wonder Woman 1984".

Patty Jenkins' Twitter Post

Patty Jenkins reacted to headlines about her war with Warner Bros. over 'Wonder Woman'.

"I felt extremely supported in my vision on both films by @wbpictures, (producer) @ZackSnyder all the producers and everyone on board our eventual team," she tweeted. "Just was a long road to make it. Let's chill the dramatic headlines like 'war'."

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