Megan Thee Stallion Blasts Asian Doll for Blowing Things Out of Proportion Over City Girls Collab

While the 'Unfuccwitable' rapper initially said that she and Megan were still friends though she was upset at first, the 'Hot Girl Summer' hitmaker raises tension between them with her replies to Asian's rants.

AceShowbiz - Megan Thee Stallion and Asian Doll a.k.a. Asian Da Brat's friendship is really broken amid the drama surrounding Megan's collaboration with City Girls on her debut album. Thinking it was not cool that Asian ranted about her being replaced by the Miami-based hip-hop duo on Meg's "Good News" track, "Do It on the Tip", the "Savage" raptress has called out Asian on Twitter.

"I hate that all of this is getting blown out of proportion," Megan responded to Asian's claims. "It was never as deep as the comments make it seem." Noting that she and Asian are, in fact, friends, she wrote, "When Asian got in her accident I hopped right on a plane to come see her when she go through s**t I'm on her line...I don't like putting my personal life on the internet because it's personal to me. I never even saw people attacking her."

Accusing Megan of siding with JT of City Girls, Asian replied to Megan's tweets, "We was real friends f**k rap you Should've said some yesterday & cleared s**t up but NO you let that h*e get in your ear & you don't even kno that h*e."

Megan then addressed her response directly to Asian, writing, "Asian, you know me better than that you know I don't like all this internet s**t." Blasting the "Barbie Everywhere" raptress as a "hot head," the "Hot Girl Summer" hitmaker went on, "You blow s**t out of proportion because you're a f**king hot head. You played the song live...that was that. What do I need to clear up? This is dumb."

Asian then clapped back at Megan and JT as she tweeted again, "S**t hurt no lie but I'll be Dam if I let these h*es bully me." Accusing Megan of ditching her for another girl, she added, "Instead of saying some you hop on her live like '[face with heart eyes emojis]'. But I was your shoulder to cry on huh? I had your back when the world didn't huh? I went against my n***a for our friendship huh? Bet."

The bickering between Asian, Megan and JT began when Asian played her unreleased verse on Megan's song "Do It on the Tip", which ended up featuring City Girls instead. "I was supposed to do that song, I don't know what happened...but I'm going to play it for ya'll," so she claimed.

She wrote in a now-deleted tweet, "Friendship ended NEXT!" before clarifying that she was cool with Megan, though she was initially upset. "Me & Megan still friends idgaf about no song I did in my sleep...I was [mad] but ima Sagittarius we get mad then 10mins later WE DON'T GIVE A F**K BOUT NUNNADET S**T," so she told her followers.

JT then posted a series of cryptic tweets that were seemingly directed at Asian. "A real friend is something you bi***es really don't know nothing about!" she penned. "I been doing good but ima bout to start laying y'all attention h**s out & I'm coming with FACTS!!!!! Sympathetic a** h**s are really starting to grind on my gears! FR!"

The one-half of the hip-hop duo added, "Like if you know it's gone draw attention & cause commotion ... why speak on it? Mind you lying! But GO OFF!"

Asian then fired back at JT, writing, "Stop being messy cause what I said was between me & Megan!" She also responded, "Nobody mad but you monkey," after JT tweeted, "Y'all h**s always mad at the wrong ppl & that's the last thing ima say! Cause frfr I don't give af bout nunna da s**t."

As the back-and-forth went on, JT shut down Asian's allegation that she had relations with Pee, the CEO of Quality Control Music. "1 thing about me ILL NEVER F**K MY CEO," Asian wrote. JT denied it as she responded to a fan's tweet, "No never, pull facts & proofs right now y'all be mad at the genuine relationships Pee has with ALL his artist WOWWWWW find somebody to love you!"

Apparently having had enough of the drama, Asian then went on Instagram Live to say, "I don't be on the Internet, don't care about the Internet." She added, "Don't play with me like this," before informing her followers that she gave her phone number to Asian to talk to her directly.

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