Eva Mendes Struggling With 'Pandemic Guilt in Full Effect'

The 'Place Beyond the Pines' actress opens up about her struggles with parenting her two young daughters Esmeralda and Amada during the ongoing Covid-19 health crisis.

AceShowbiz - Eva Mendes is experiencing "mom pandemic guilt in full effect."

The "Place Beyond the Pines" star - who has daughters, Esmeralda, six, and Amada, four, with her partner Ryan Gosling - confessed in a candid Instagram post she has been struggling with mum guilt during the pandemic.

"My little girl wanted to cut out Maria Callas' face from the record cover," she shared. "I quietly died a little inside but I quickly said yes. Mom pandemic guilt in full effect."

Meanwhile, Eva has previously likened raising kids to running a hotel business with "very drunk and aggressive guests."

She said, "Sometimes it feels like we are running some kind of bed-and-breakfast with very drunk and aggressive guests. We really do feel like we are working in a hotel, and the guests are angry and bossy and demand food brought to them."

"And by the time they go to sleep, we're left to just clean up and talk about how they've treated us that day! When we feel like we're just 'in it,' like all parents do during these times, we remind ourselves that these are the good times, because we're all together and we're all safe."

The "Hitch" star explained, "This is me. By my kid. It's pretty accurate. No I haven't become a master baker or a good cook during quarantine."

"I haven't seen a gym in two months. I haven't written a novella. I've just been trying to be a fun mom and not lose my marbles. Sending so much love out there. Reading comments and happy to connect so let me know how you're feeling. Amore, amore, amore. (sic)"

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