YouTuber Trisha Paytas Speaks Up Against 'Arrogant' Addison Rae

During a guest appearance on the Barstool Sports podcast 'BFFs with Dave Portnoy and Josh Richards', Trisha votes to cancel the 'He's All That' star for saying something that 'rubbed me the wrong way.'

AceShowbiz - Trisha Paytas has made it clear that she is not a big fan of Addison Rae. While making a guest appearance on the Barstool Sports podcast "BFFs with Dave Portnoy and Josh Richards", the YouTuber claimed that the "He's All That" star was "very very arrogant."

The 32-year-old offered her two cents during "To Cancel or Not To Cancel" game in the Thursday, December 17 episode of the podcast. When she was given the name Addison, she said, "I'm gonna go with Cancel."

When asked why she chose to cancel the TikTok star, Trisha explained, "I never had a problem with her." She added, "But I heard her on a podcast, called 'Zane & Heath's Podcast', and she rubbed me the wrong way when she said, and I quote, 'Nobody has been as popular as me on social media, so there is nobody I can talk to, because nobody has been as popular and famous as me.' "

"So I was like, 'Girl? What?' And honestly I didn't know her name or recognize her face, but it rubbed me the wrong way," the social media personality added. "She was very very arrogant and I didn't like that about an 18-year-old who got a break on TikTok."

Trisha's statement prompted host Josh Richard to further ask, "Were those her exact words though?" The model/singer then replied, "Well, I just paraphrased, but pretty much." Fellow host Dave Portnoy later accused her of "canceling" Addison due to her own jealousy.

Trisha was quick to defend herself by stating, "I think there's a lot of humility in people, I don't like people who off the bat just thinks they're so famous." She elaborated, "I don't like people who are like that. You can be humble and famous at the same time, and be sweet about it and be grateful because this is your first year in the spotlight and it doesn't last forever."

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