DaniLeigh Unashamed of 'Most Hated On' Label After DaBaby Hair-Pulling Video

This comes after the 'Breakfast Can Wait' singer, who has been proudly displaying her romance with the rapper on social media, gained criticism with a video of her beau pulling her hair while they're dancing.

AceShowbiz - DaniLeigh apparently doesn't feel any regret about her recent public display of affection with her boyfriend DaBaby that has earned her criticism. The 25-year-old singer proudly declared herself as the "most hated on" on Wednesday, December 16 after posting a controversial video a day before.

The disturbing video in question featured DaniLeigh dancing with her rapper beau in a room. Dancing seductively in front of the camera, it was the "Suge" hitmaker's gesture that people took issue with. He was seen keeping a tight grip of her hair while he comically brushed his own hair. DaniLeigh later returned the gesture by pulling his hair while smiling.

Despite the playful nature of their video, some people got concerned over the hair-pulling move. "That grip of her hair had me feeling some type of way," one commented on the clip which was posted by DaniLeigh on her Instagram Stories on Tuesday.

Another speculated, "I think she wanted him to let go." Having enough of DaniLeigh's intimate videos with her beau, a third commenter wrote, "Dani Leigh is giving me very much bird behavior vibes sis don't get on here b***hing when that MF takes his a** home and put yo a** on DND .....cause it's 'Family' time." One fan even predicted that they would be going through an ugly break-up before the holidays.

It's suffice to say that people were not impressed when DaniLeigh responded to the backlash with her "most hated on" tweet. One person called her a "dumb girl," while another told her, "Most hated? Girl most people don't even know who you are they just don't care or like you because you trying to hard for a man."

Coming with a warning for the Miami-born star, someone wrote, "Girl you deserve better. Da Baby is grimey." Another shared a similar message, expressing concern as writing, "We not hating we just want better for youuu."

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