'The Voice' Finale Recap: The Top 5 Offer Incredible Performances for the Last Time

Among the finalists for this season are Ian Flanigan and Jim Ranger from Team Blake Shelton, Carter Rubin from Team Gwen Stefani, Desz from Team Kelly Clarkson and John Holiday from Team John Legend.

AceShowbiz - The finale of "The Voice" season 19 is finally here! Airing on Monday, December 14, the episode featured the Top 5 taking the stage to perform their best in hopes of getting America's votes. Among the finalists for this season were Ian Flanigan and Jim Ranger from Team Blake Shelton, Carter Rubin from Team Gwen Stefani, Desz from Team Kelly Clarkson and John Holiday from Team John Legend.

Kicking off the night was Carter, who offered a simple yet elegant performance of Miley Cyrus' "The Climb". Blake praised him, saying that he had great "talent and heart." Gwen believed that he would be chosen of the winner of this season.

Meanwhile, Desz opted to sing her debut song titled "Holy Ground", which was created by singer/songwriter Justin Tranter. John loved the song as it perfectly showcased Desz's capability as an artist. As for Kelly, she emotionally said, "I needed that song. You needed that song."

The next performer was Ian, who chose to sing Jamey Johnson's "In Color", noting that the song allowed him to express what kind of artist he is. He earned rave reviews from John and Blake with his simple performance. John praised his "distinct character" in his voice, while Blake loved that he has sound that no one other has.

It was later Jim's turn to hit the stage. Singing his debut song "Last" from producer Ross Copperma, Jim offered an intimate and delicate performance as he opted out big moments where his voice would explode. Both Gwen and John both thought it was a pretty song and he sang the song from the heart. Blake then assured him that there's definitely a place for him on country radio, adding that he hoped Jim would always be in that lane for his career.

As for John Holiday, he sang his debut song "Where Do We Go?" which was inspired by his fans. He nailed the upbeat, pop-inspired song, proving him as a versatile artist. Kelly called the performance impressive, while John admitted that some parts of the song selection were about challenging.

The last singer was Desz, singing "Landslide" by Fleetwood Mac. As for the reason she picked the song, she said that it was "the perfect song for me in this moment," allowing her to "open up emotionally and be vulnerable." Kelly loved the song choice, saying that it was unexpected. Gwen even gave Desz a standing ovation, adding that Fleetwood Mac's singer Stevie Nick would be proud of her.

After a joint performance from Gwen and Blake, Ian took the stage to sing an original song titled "Never Learn". John praised him for the lyrics which were about parenting, adding that he felt "wisdom" from the way Ian sang the song. Following it up was John Holiday, who chose to sing Beyonce Knowles' "Halo" for his final performance. Kelly was totally mind-blown, calling his range "stupid incredible."

As for Carter's first single, it was a midtempo ballad song titled "Up From Here". Rounding out the night was Jim, who performed his take on The Beatles' "With a Little Help from My Friends". Kelly gave him a big praise as she dubbed it his best performance of the season.

The results will be revealed in Tuesday, December 15 episode.

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