Scottie Pippen Jr. Shades Mom Larsa Amid Backlash Over Malik Beasley Dating Controversy

The Vanderbilt basketball star likes tweets that diss his mother for choosing 'clout chasing' over her own child and offer support to him amid Larsa and Malik's affair scandal.

AceShowbiz - Scottie Pippen Jr. has to choose right from wrong and he couldn't be all supportive of his mother amid her latest dating controversy. The 20-year-old son of basketball legend Scottie Pippen has shaded his mom Larsa Pippen amid backlash for dating married man Malik Beasley.

Scottie Jr., who is following the footsteps of his father as a basketball player, has been caught liking several tweets that express support for him and blast his mother for her selfish action that might hurt her son. "To choose clout chasing over your own child, smh, I'm so sorry sweetheart," one person tweeted to Scottie Jr.

Another tweet that he liked read, "scotty pippen jr we gone get through this bro." A third person similarly wrote, "I feel bad for Scotty Pippen Jr. honestly. That young man has to deal with this every other week. Enough is enough."

Scottie Jr. also hinted that he tried to stay away from the drama surrounding his mother. "Focused on myself and my goals. I'm not responsible for nobody's actions. All good over here," so he tweeted on Tuesday, November 1.

Larsa and Malik were spotted on a date in Miami on November 23. Their photos, which only surfaced on December 1, showed the pair holding hands while strolling through what looks like a mall.

The 24-year-old NBA star is still married to Instagram model Montana Yao, who claimed to be blindsided by his alleged affair with Larsa. "Wow... I don't even know this man... this is wild y'all I'm seeing it for the first time just like y'all," she posted on Instagram Stories on Tuesday. "I've always and will forever remain true to who I am and God has never let me down the truth always comes out one way or another...," she added in another post. "Appreciate all the love y'all for real."

Meanwhile, Malik's flirty message to Larsa has resurfaced amid their dating controversy. He shot his shot in the comments of the former reality TV star's October 23 selfie. "I just want to take you on a date and treat you like a queen," he wrote.

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