Jamie Dornan Gets 'Freaky' Fan Letter Claiming He Fathered a Child With Dakota Johnson
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Aside from dealing with obsessed fans of the books and movies, the Christian Grey of 'Fifty Shades of Grey' reveals how he learned to laugh off the worst reviews of his career.

AceShowbiz - Jamie Dornan was freaked out by one fan's bizarre attempt to convince him that he and his "Fifty Shades of Grey" co-star, Dakota Johnson, were the parents to a lovechild.

The actor, who played Christian Grey in the film series, admits he received a lot of fan mail from obsessed fans of the books and movies, but one correspondence was particularly strange.

"It was a collage of photographs of a kid," he tells Variety. "Someone saying that it was my kid, and my wife should know that I have this kid who's seven years old."

The 38-year-old hunk, who is also known for his portrayal of serial killer Paul Spector on the crime drama series "The Fall", continues, "I think they were trying to say that the kid was mine and Dakota Johnson's, and we'd had this baby while we made the first 'Fifty Shades' movie. It piqued our interest, let's say. It was a bit freaky."

If he wasn't dealing with odd fans, Jamie was having to contend with the worst reviews of his career, confessing he learned to laugh them off because some were just awful.

"I went through a bad stage with 'Fifty Shades' of reading a couple of really bad ones, but then just finding them funny and letting them drive me," he recalls. "One of them was: 'Jamie Dornan has the charisma of oatmeal...' Some people like oatmeal, so I thought it was kind of harsh. I remember that stuck with me, and I don't entirely disagree with it either."

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