Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez Slammed Over His Insensitive Thanksgiving Post

The former MLB star posts a picture of his fiancee relaxing in the comfort of their private jet as he asks his followers what their holiday plans are amid the pandemic.

AceShowbiz - For most people, this year's Thanksgiving will be different from the previous years because the pandemic has spoiled their annual family tradition. However, Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez didn't let COVID-19 ruin their holiday plans. On Tuesday, November 24, the couple flew on a private jet to head to their destination where they will be possibly gathering with their big family.

As if their traveling miles away is not insensitive enough in this time of crisis, A-Rod posted an image on his Instagram page that shows his fiancee relaxing on the bed with a $1,550 Hermes comforter across from him while she was busy with her phone. Their pet pooch Lady also joined them in the plane.

"Lady is definitely ready for #Thanksgiving!" the former athlete captioned the snap, referring to his lady love in the picture. He added, "We have so much to be grateful for and are excited to be heading home to spend time with family," before asking his followers, "What are your holiday plans?"

J.Lo commented on her fiance's post, "Family time... my fave."

But not everyone is as excited as J.Lo after seeing A-Rod's post, particularly in this unfortunate circumstances that have limited most people's access to visiting their distant relatives. Responding to A-Rod's question, one person got real as writing, "Staying home with my husband and kids to help slow the spread of covid."

Another shared her/his similar plans, "Not having anyone over doing our part to not gather with family. Doing our part to try and be the solution not the problem." A third user commented, "None. We cancelled all of them. We're in the middle of a pandemic."

Some others were more straight in calling out the couple. "The cdc said guy shouldn't travel. Don't you care about others?" one of them pointed out. Another baffled person went on explaining, "Really? The CDC has recommended that no one travel for thanksgiving. And doctors are pleading with us to keep thanksgiving with just our immediate household for one year. I am surprised to see someone with a platform like yours posting this. It is hard for those of use who are sacrificing this year to see this."

There were also some people taking issue with the fact that A-Rod was insensitive enough by showing off their privilege while many are currently struggling financially. "Your world is way more interesting," one person sarcastically responded. "We do not have a jet. We do not have a job as of shut down. We do not have much but we do have health."

Fed up, another told A-Rod, "People lost their jobs..maybe stop posting your private jet. We get it..You're rich." Another pleaded, "People are really struggling. Maybe don't post your enormous wealth on a private plane with Hermes blankets. Compassion is all you need right now."

Neither A-Rod nor J.Lo has responded to the backlash, while the photo is still up on his Instagram feed.

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