Sarah Paulson Draws Inspiration From Piper Laurie's 'Carrie' Role for 'Run'

Playing an unstable mother on the run in the Aneesh Chaganty-directed film, the 'American Horror Story' regular also shares her excitement working with co-star Kiera Allen.

AceShowbiz - Actress Sarah Paulson studied Piper Laurie's portrayal of a mad mum while she prepared for her role in new drama "Run (2020)".

The "American Horror Story" regular plays an unstable mother on the run in the new film and watched Piper in "Carrie" several times to get into character.

"Piper Laurie plays a very protective mother in that movie and I thought if I could look for inspiration it would be a movie like that and from an actress like that," Sarah says, revealing the young actress who plays her disabled daughter in the movie really helped her nail the role of a desperate mother.

"This is actually the first major thriller in 70 years to star a real wheelchair user - Kiera Allen, who is making a very auspicious film debut," the 45-year-old actress gushed over her younger co-star. "She's extraordinary in this movie."

In another interview about this thriller, Sarah teased, "Things just aren't always what they seem." She told Collider, "The character I play has a past and it has informed some of her decisions and her behavior in ways that do, of course, for every person, but what she has done with this past and how she has sort of shifted her worldview to accommodate some of that is kind of compelling, I hope."

"Run" has "Searching" director Aneesh Chaganty serving behind the lens. Speaking about working with the filmmaker, Sarah said," The thing that's sort of amazing about him is that he's so hungry to know and that's really exciting." She added, "He's got so much enthusiasm and so much excitement and it's infectious."

Written by Chaganty and Sev Ohanian, this thriller movie is set to make its digital debut via Hulu on November 20.

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