Aubrey O'Day Claims Donald Trump Jr. Threatened to Release Her Nudes to Silence Her

The Danity Kane member alludes in a new Twitter post that Trump Jr. blackmailed her with her nude photos in order to 'silence' her about their alleged affair and 'discredit' her.

AceShowbiz - Aubrey O'Day isn't done dropping bombshell claims about Donald Trump and his family members. The singer, who previously claimed to have an affair with Donald Trump Jr. when he's married to his wife Vanessa Trump, has now further claimed that he attempted to silence her by threatening to release her naked photos.

The claims emerged online after Aubrey responded to one of Trump Jr.'s tweets on Thursday, November 12. "Apparently Bloomberg was sleeping through the last four years where the highest levels of government conspired against the duly elected President of the United States," he wrote to his followers, defending his father.

The Danity Kane member caught wind of the post and decided to slam Trump Jr. while making such a shocking revelation in the process. "conspire against? wait.. isnt that the same thing you did to me when you discussed having a thumb drive of naked pictures and information about me that could be released in order to silence & discredit me if need be?" so she replied.

Aubrey O'Day claimed Donald Trump Jr. threatened to release her nudes to silence her

Aubrey O'Day claimed Donald Trump Jr. threatened to release her nudes to silence her.

The tweet piqued fans' interest as one of them was "literally begging you to like write a book. Or release a YouTube video. Something. Anything. We need it." Someone else simply tweeted, "living for your tweets!" When one user attacked Aubrey for being "bitter" and urged her to "move on," one supporter hit back, "Why should she ? He tried to blackmail her? He is vile.. she can speak out against him."

Rumors of Aubrey and Trump Jr.'s affair first emerged in 2018 before she confirmed in a 2019 interview with PEOPLE. "We were passionate and connected and loyal and honest. I hope to find that again someday," she said about her romance with Trump Jr. "We both thought we were each other's soulmates. It's something we spoke about often. A soulmate is someone you spend a period of time, moment, of life with that you're connected as one. I had that with Don."

Most recently, "The Celebrity Apprentice" alum alleged that Ivanka Trump is lesbian and that Eric Trump cheated on his wife, Lara, with a Miss Universe. "eric f**ked miss universe on the apprentice board room table while with his now wife," she said. Stressing that she's telling the truth, she attached a GIF of someone saying, "I have the receipts."

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