NBA Star Lorenzo Gordon Responds to His Baby Mama Brittish Williams Calling Him a 'B***h'

The basketball player says in a video that the 'Basketball Wives' alum's new boyfriend threatened to kill him in front of his daughter Dash Dior, who repeated the words to him.

AceShowbiz - It's safe to say that Lorenzo Gordon's relationship with his baby mama Brittish Williams is far from cordial. The two have recently been engaged in a public back-and-forth after the latter called him out through a video posted on social media on Tuesday, October 27.

Labeling the basketball player as a "b***h," the former "Basketball Wives" star said, "Public service announcement, my baby daddy is a sucker, let's make that very clear. I'm not talking to you, I'm bothering you not you. I changed my number almost two months ago. You can't even contact me, what are we talking about?"

Brittish went on accusing him of being a deadbeat dad to their daughter Dash Dior Gordon and made it clear she would not let her in his care. "You're not having your damn child, you don't care about her, you don't send money, you don't," she said. "Nobody owes you anything, I don't owe you money for something you bought me. Are you stupid? Who ever asks for some f**kin s**t in return?"

Lorenzo was quick to give his response after Brittish posted the video. Hitting back at the reality TV star, the NBA star said he hated seeing his child around her new boyfriend, who apparently threatened to kill him in front of Dash Dior. "How can you allow a n***a to tell your child he gone kill yo baby daddy & this n***a around that lil muthaf**ka," so he said, adding that Dash repeated what Brittish's beau said and he got a video of that.

Furthermore, Lorenzo alluded that Brittish should be more grateful to him because without him, she would not be able to star on "Basketball Wives" and accomplish some of the things she did.

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