'Mindy Project' Star Fortune Feimster Livestreams Wedding to Fiancee Jacquelyn Smith

The 40-year-old comedian forgo a planned big wedding for a tiny beach ceremony due to the pandemic, while they let family and friends witness their union via Zoom call.

AceShowbiz - Fortune Feimster is a married woman now after canceling her planned summer wedding. The comedienne tied the knot with her fiancee Jacquelyn Smith on Friday, October 23 in Malibu, California after more-than-two-year engagement.

Announcing the news on Instagram, the 40-year-old actress wrote along with a picture of her and her bride at their nuptials, "We got married!" She added, "Jax and I decided to forgo the big wedding we planned to have due to the pandemic and decided fairly last minute to do a tiny ceremony on the beach. We'll celebrate with friends and family in a year when it's safer to do so."

Fortune dressed in a blue suit on top of a white button-up shirt, while Jax wore a "beachy" white dress for the event. Their Pomeranian rescue, Biggie, served as the ring bearer in the wedding. The couple rented a house and swapped vows on the backyard patio which looked out to the ocean.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic that restricts travels for their guests, Fortune and Jax only had "a couple of good friends" at their beach wedding and livestreamed the whole thing for their family and friends via Zoom. "It was something small," she shared to PEOPLE. "We all had COVID tests. We purposefully kept it small for the reasons of it being during a pandemic."

The former "The Mindy Project" star revealed how the virus breakout derailed her wedding plans. "We had started [planning] in early March to start to look because it was never going to be a traditional wedding per se. It was going to be more of a celebration, but we were starting to look at venues and stuff, and then COVID hit," she said. "So then we were like, 'I guess that big thing is not happening.' "

Fortune and Jax then switched their plans. "We just asked a couple of our close friends we knew had been taking the quarantine and pandemic seriously. We only gave them a week's notice. We said, 'Would you guys be willing to take COVID tests and keep hunkering down leading up to the day?' And they were like, 'Absolutely.' So yeah, so we felt good about that. We felt like everybody was being super responsible," she explained.

She continued, "We decided to keep the number of people in the house even helping very minimal. We had a really great [event planning] company, Missy Fine Inc. She really last minute put all this beautiful stuff together."

The "Sincerely Fortune" podcast host, who had been dating her new wife for two and a half years before proposing to her in January 2018, admitted that the conversation about same-sex marriage possibly being overturned if the Senate confirms President Donald Trump's nominee, Amy Coney Barrett, as the new Supreme Court Justice played a part in her decision to get married.

"I'm not going to lie, there were some nerves about the Supreme Court. After Ruth Bader Ginsburg died, all these people started talking about gay marriage again," she shared. "On the first day of their session, two of the justices brought up gay marriage. I think I had posted something on Instagram, something like, 'Oh man, this is nerve-racking as a gay person.' Especially because we were planning to get married. All these people were like, 'Go get married now.' "

She added, "Who knows what will happen? Hopefully, marriage equality is here to stay. But we wanted to be more proactive and get married while we know we can. It definitely got the ball rolling for us a lot faster. I mean, we were going to get married no matter what, but we just were like, 'Why wait?' We've been engaged for like two-and-a-half years."

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