Tamar Braxton Unfollows Sisters After Accusing Them of Staging Reactions to Her Suicide Attempt

Hours earlier, the 'Love and War' singer slams WeTV after the network released a new 'Braxton Family Values' trailer that put the spotlight on her hospitalization.

AceShowbiz - Tamar Braxton's friction with WeTV has apparently led to a clash with her own family. After slamming the network for using her "pain" to boost the ratings of her family reality television show "Braxton Family Values" which she's no longer part of, the singer is now accusing her sisters of restaging their reactions to her suicide attempt.

The 43-year-old came forward with the shocking allegation after a fan questioned the network's decision to go forward with using Tamar's personal conflict as one of the major storylines on the show despite the star's strong disagreement. "Wait!!!!! WeTv was recording BFV when Tamar was going through it and they still using it for ratings after she voiced her issues with them? This is crazy because I just saw it and WOW!" the said user tweeted.

Responding to the said tweet, Tamar explained her issue with the show. "No pumpkin they wasn't. It's ALL restaged for tv. And that's my fckn issue," so she claimed. "Remember @wetv said we have parted ways in August. I am no longer employed by them and they are STILL using me and my hurt to make a coin. What show talks about old cast members?"

Telling her fans that she will share her own side of the story, she added in another tweet, "..But the rest of the story you are going to have to catch Wednesday. It's just so wild that everyone has had a chance to tell their stories about me and when I want to tell my own, & how I choose to tell my own, I'm called crazy and unstable. So bizarre."

Tamar Braxton's Tweet

Tamar has since unfollowed her entire family, including sisters Toni Braxton, Traci Braxton, Trina Braxton and Towanda Braxton on Instagram. Her mother Evelyn Braxton has also been missing from her following list.

Just hours earlier, Tamar slammed WeTV after it released a new "Braxton Family Values" trailer that put the spotlight on her hospitalization. "After waking up to that disgusting trailer...F**K @wetv and whomever else participating for using my pain for their pleasure and ratings!!" she posted on Wednesday, October 21.

"At some point this abuse HAS to STOP!!" the reality TV star continued before claiming that she would not appear on the new season of the show, "P.s. IM NOT FILMING FOR THIS SEASON! THEY ARE DOING THIS WHILE IM NOT ON THE SHOW!! #SCUMBAGS**T."

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