Joe Biden Trolls Mike Pence Over FlyGate With a Fundraising
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The Vice President of the United States become the butt of jokes on social media after a fly landed on his head during Vice Presidential Debate with Kamala Harris on Wednesday, October 7.

AceShowbiz - Mike Pence's flygate surely creates a lot of buzz. Among those who quickly make use this opportunity to troll the Vice President over the humiliating moment, where a fly could be seen stuck on his head, during his lone debate Democratic against opponent Sen. Kamala Harris on Wednesday, October 7.

Taking to his Twitter account, the Democratic candidate for the White House, Biden made fun of the incident. He posted a photo of him holding a fly swatter while urging people to help his fundraising project. "Pitch in $5 to help this campaign fly!" so he joked in the caption.

Not stopping there, Biden's campaign also registered the domain The site will redirecte people to Democratic National Committee’s voter participation website, "" Additionally, it tweeted a poster featuring a fly swatter and words which read, "Don't let this debate buzz off. TRUTH over FLIES." Captioning the post, Biden's campaign wrote, "Swats away flies and lies."

Mike Pence become the butt of jokes on Twitter after a fly landed on his head during Vice Presidential Debate with Kamala Harris. The fly sat atop the vice president's perfectly coiffed hair for two minutes and he didn't seem to notice it. Despite the incident, President Donald Trump showed unwavering support for Pence as he tweeted, "Mike Pence WON BIG!"

Of the incident, Fox News Sunday Chris Wallace said during the Fox News coverage, "This is the first debate I've ever seen where there was a bug crawling around on one candidate’s head for about two or three minutes. And I don't think we can let this evening go by without mentioning that."

Meanwhile, according to CNN's instant poll of the debate, it showed that viewers gave Harris the win with 59% votes against 38% votes for Pence.

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