Lakeith Stanfield 'Canceled' After Saying He Hates Kamala Harris' Hair in VP Debate

After being dragged for mocking the Democratic vice presidential candidate's hair, the 'Straight Outta Compton' star posts and then deletes a video in which he defends his initial remark.

AceShowbiz - Lakeith Stanfield has come under fire after commenting on Kamala Harris' appearance during the Vice Presidential Debate with Mike Pence. Weighing in on the Wednesday, October 7 debate, the actor shaded the senator for her hairstyle.

"I don't like her hair, but other than that this is better than the last one but still sad," he wrote underneath a split photo of Kamala and Mike during the VP debate. When a commenter reminded him, "No need to use your voice for her looks, you have a powerful voice, use it wisely," he took time to respond.

"I say what I want on my page," the "Knives Out" star unapologetically wrote back. "Where are all you warriors of power when I post about the things that I believe in and support? You won't pressure me into speaking how YOU think I should speak."

Needless to say, Lakeith's remarks didn't sit well with many other social media users who've accused him of hating black women. "What the f**k is wrong with LaKeith? First black woman VP and you think the salient point to mention is her hair?" one person reacted to the actor's comments.

Another disappointed user wrote, "Not LaKeith Stanfield saying he don't like Kamala's hair. Men been in women's business all week." Believing that the 29-year-old star was drunk, a third Twitter user claimed, "Lakeith Stanfield is zooted. N***a has no idea what he's saying and will delete everything when he sobers up tomorrow like clockwork."

Lakeith did return to Instagram, but it's to defend his earlier post. Sharing a video, he claimed that he adores and supports black women. "Welcome everyone from shaderoom lol. This is from years ago but let me happen to not favor Kamalas hair and suddenly i hate black women. Y'all know that isn't true," he wrote in the caption.

Lakeith has since deleted both posts in question, while some people have come to his defense. One person wrote on Twitter, "Instagram so corny ppl really mad that lakeith said he didn't like Kamala hair. 'He's canceled.' " Another remarked, "Lakeith didn't defame her character or what she stood for. He did what we all do in the house everyday to somebody on TV or social media. Only difference is he posted about it."

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