Jacquees and Dreezy Involved in Twitter Feud Following Breakup
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People, however, think that their nasty split will be temporary as one Instagram user comments, 'Anyone who break up like this will be right back together.'

AceShowbiz - Jacquees and Dreezy appear to be breaking up, if their online interaction is the indication. Their split is not only taking a nasty turn, but very public as they blast each other on Twitter.

It started after the "Inside" singer declared on his account on the blue bird app, "JACQUEES single." Seemingly responding to the tweet, Dreezy then tweeted, "N***a tryna clout chase now and KNOW I'm not wit all that s**t at all. You're blocked. I'm single. And I'm logging off. Go play wit yo ex."

The shade didn't go unnoticed by Jacquees who retweet-quoted the post, "Go play wit ya self lol." Later, Dreezy revealed that she actually blocked Jacquees. "When yu blocked so yu run to Twitter... Nobody gives af bro," the Chicago rapper said.

One of her followers apparently thought that Jacquees was hacked. "I'm gone say he was really hacked cause I fail to believe he would handy you like this. He can't be serious," the person said. Dreezy shut down the speculation, "Ain't nobody hack that n***a he a h** I'm glad y'all get to see."

"He was corny anyway," another fan commented. To that, Dreezy replied, "Still is. Good luck."

People, however, thought that the split would be temporary. "Anyone who break up like this will be right back together," one shared. Echoing the sentiment, another person added, "They'll be back together in two point five seconds."

Meanwhile, someone thought they fought like high schoolers, saying, "Giving me very much high school vibes." Trolling the ex-lovers, one person wrote, "That's mad lame on BOTH parts. How embarrassing it'll be if they get back together."

Dreezy and Jacquees, who started dating after meeting on the road in 2018, have been on-and-off several times. Back in October 2019, Dreezy threatened to air out her ex-boyfriend. "When I air yo s**t out on this app don't say s**t.." That was allegedly her response to Jacquees' tweet which read, "You can't make me feel bad for decisions you made."

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