Keke Palmer Hits Back at Critics After Backlash Over Tyler Perry Praise

Of people hating on the billionaire, the 'Hustlers' actress writes on Twitter, 'This social media trend of trying to literally criticize everyone to the bone is not fun nor cute.'

AceShowbiz - Before making himself a billionaire, Tyler Perry grew up abused by his family and was once homeless. That's only natural for Keke Palmer to have him as a role model. So, when someone attacked her for expressing her admiration to him, Keke didn't hesitate to clap back.

"I want to be like Tyler Perry when I grow up. He's like a modern Walt Disney," so Keke wrote on Twitter on Monday, September 28. In response to the criticism, she went on tweeting, "I love Tyler Perry. Period. He has inspired me so hate on him if y'all want but he's done incredible things and literally came from NOTHING. His movies triple what they were made for and he HAS HIS OWN LOT."

Doubling down on her sentiment, she added, "This social media trend of trying to literally criticize everyone to the bone is not fun nor cute. People aren't perfect, you're never gonna like ALL of everything. NEVER."

"You don't have to throw out the baby with the bath water. You can like some things about someone and dislike others, it's possible for someone to be flawed and still be beloved," she continued. "And in pure Virgo fashion. I don't care if you disagree because you don't exist."

Keke Palmer defended her admiration to Tyler Perry

Keke Palmer defended her admiration to Tyler Perry.

Replying to a fan who thought that the critics only wanted to make themselves better, the "Hustlers" actress said, "Right it's like so now you pointed out the one flaw... are YOU happy now? Cause u sure asf wasn't before tryna just find something negative."

She hit back at critics

She hit back at critics.

While a fan insisted that people were just giving Tyler a "constructive criticism" instead of "hating on him," Keke responded, "Of course not. But what does it have to do with MY tweet lol. I said I love Tyler and he inspires me and you came to highlight your biggest issue with him .. was that to dampen my support or? Just wondering what you were trying to achieve."

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