Twitter Hates Ed Sheeran for Being a Landlord

People are attacking the 'Thinking Out Loud' hitmaker on the blue bird app after news emerged that he has expanded his 'property empire' to an estimated $77.7M.

AceShowbiz - Being rich does come with its downside. Not only they could become the target of crime, but they could also take the heat from those who are jealous over their wealth. The latter has come to Ed Sheeran, who has been named one of world's best-selling music artists in the last few years.

The negative attention directed at the British singer/songwriter recently spiked after reports emerged about his impressive property portfolio. According to The Sun, the 29-year-old has expanded his property empire to £61million ($77.7 million) with purchase of new homes worth around £4.5million ($5.7 million) during the coronavirus lockdown.

Such news apparently didn't sit well with some Twitter users, who have taken to the micro-blogging site to express their disdain at the artist. "Just found out Ed Sheeran has a property empire of over £61 million," one person reacted to the news. "I was indifferent to him before but turns out he is just a scum landlord . F**k him."

"F**k Ed Sheeran, landlord f**k," another cussed him out. A third user called out the singer, "oh i knew i was justified in my hatred of ed sheeran. that b***h is a landlord." Another declared, "glad to now have a rational reason for hating this man," while someone else added, "not ed sheeran being a landlord and campaigning for anti homelessness spikes outside his house."

A few others, however, have come to his defense, with one hitting back at the haters, "I just don't understand your issue with a self made millionaire (potentially billionaire idk) investing their own money into property. I've not seen any reports of Ed Sheeran doing any of the things you say, there's plenty of landlords across the country that probably are..."

Another saw Ed as her/his inspiration, admitting, "Seeing Ed Sheeran just buy up property in London and become a private landlord reminds me of the Victorians who bought up land, turned it into parks and gave it back to the people. I know which I aspire to be."

Ed has not responded to the backlash regarding his massive property catalog.

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