IG Model Han Maile Says NBA Star Paid Her $7K to Sneak Her Into the Bubble

Revealing that the basketball player, whose identity is still unknown, doesn't know she documents her stay on TikTok, she says, 'He spent 7k for me to be here and doesn't know im making these.'

AceShowbiz - Even though the NBA has a clear rule stating that outsiders should not be allowed to enter the bubble during the coronavirus pandemic, it looks like there are some athletes who still break the rules. Instagram model Han Maile recently exposed an NBA player for paying her $7,000 to sneak her in and have sex with her.

Maile took to her TikTok account to document her stay in the bubble, which is located at the Grand Floridian in Orlando. In one video, the star took a mirror selfie in the bathroom before giving her followers at the room that she stayed in. Towards the end of the video, Maile said that she recorded herself behind the unknown athlete's back. "He spent 7k for me to be here and doesn't know im making these," she said. "Real hot girl s**t."

Maile did not mention the name of the athlete who snuck her into the bubble, prompting social media users to urge the NBA to conduct an investigation over this. One person said, "On a real though, regarding that girl who's in the bubble we need an NBA investigation." On the other hand, someone else decided to blast basketball players altogether, "NBA players that invited family/friends as their guests to the bubble >>>>>>>>> NBA players inviting random groupie b***hes that serve no value to their lives."

The NBA has yet to respond to this.

Ever since the second playoff began, the NBA has allowed its players to bring in families, with the exception of children, to the bubble as their guests. Non-family guests who are allowed to enter the bubble must have proof of "longstanding relationships" with the player, and those with business relationships like agents, trainers, chefs, etc., are not permitted.

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