Martina McBride Struggles to Keep Up With Fans' Demand Over COVID-19 Charity T-Shirts
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The country star and her children initially came up with the idea to design a range of tie-dye shirts as a way of raising money for her struggling tour crew amid the pandemic.

AceShowbiz - Country star Martina McBride and her kids have discovered they have a knack for fashion after designing a range of tie-dye shirts that sell out as soon as they're available on the singer's social media.

Martina came up with the idea as a way of raising money for her tour crew, who are struggling without work during the COVID-19 crisis, and she and her children can't make the items fast enough for fans.

"We started out tie-dying 100 shirts and putting them up on my Instagram page for fans to buy...," she explains. "They sold out so quickly that we decided to do a couple of hundred more and we just put those up a week ago and they were gone in less than an hour."

"I guess we need to get busy making more, but it's so time consuming."

The "Concrete Angel" singer has always been tied to T-shirts - she used to sell merchandise for Garth Brooks before she made it big, when her husband was the country superstar's production manager.

In related news, the singer addressed the postponement of The Country Music Hall of Fame's 2020 exhibition which saw her among the lineup. The dela, however, didn't deter her. "The Country Music Hall of Fame exhibit is a bucket list item of mine," she told "I love that museum. It's so well done and every time I go through it, I learn something new about country music."

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