Alyssa Milano Slams Trolls Calling Her Hypocrite Over Reports She Called Cops on Teen

The 'Charmed' alum has been criticized for calling the cops on someone who turns out to be a teenager with an air gun despite promoting the 'defund the police' campaign.

AceShowbiz - Alyssa Milano found herself in massive backlash on Tuesday, September 22. It was all due to a report stating that the "Charmed" alum, who has been supporting the "defund the police" campaign, called police on a possible gunman near her home that turned out to be a teenager with an air gun.

Daily Mail reported that seven Ventura County Sheriffs' vehicles, one K-9 unit, a police helicopter and one Los Angeles Fire Department team arrived at her home in the Bell Canyon area of Ventura County, California after the 911 call. However, instead of finding a 40-year-old man with a long rifle like what the initial description stated, the suspect turned out to be a teen shooting at squirrels with an air gun.

Following the reports, a lot of people quickly branded Alyssa a hypocrite because she has been very vocal about her "defund the police" campaign, yet she decided to call the cops on a teen. "Alyssa Milano wants to 'Defund the Police,' Meanwhile she just called the cops on a kid with a BB gun. Why didn't you handle it yourself," someone was being sarcastic. "You are such a hypocrite! I used to have a huge crush on you, now you're crazy and coincided," another said.

Seeing all the criticism coming her way, Alyssa issued a statement to hit back at the "rightwing media & trolls," before clarifying what actually happened. Making it clear that she was not the one who made the 911 call, she began to explain what actually happened at the time. "On Sunday morning as we were all getting ready to watch the Giants game, our neighbor spotted 'a man dressed in all black, walking in the woods between our properties with a gun,' " she said. "As that is a rare sight in our parts, the neighbor was understandably alarmed and she called the police."

She then said that the police called her updating on the situation. Meanwhile, her husband subsequently called 911 to check on when they would arrive. After searching in the woods for some time, the man who fit the description called the police himself and apologized for the commotion he caused.

Expressing her gratitude towards the police, Alyssa pointed out that "these are exactly the type of situations that police officers are trained for and should be responding to, and we will always support police having the resources they need for appropriate policing actions."

She added, "We'd love to see equally trained non-police professionals respond to addiction and mental health crises and non-violent events so that these brave officers can do the jobs they are so good at handling, as they demonstrated this weekend."

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