Steve Harvey Is Trending on Twitter Because of This and People Are Baffled

Social media users are left in disbelief after finding out that the 'Family Feud' host is trending on the blue bird app because some people are lusting after him.

AceShowbiz - Steve Harvey is trending on Twitter for an unexpected reason. While some people were initially worried the worst has come to the comedian after seeing his name among trending topics on the social media application, they are left baffled after finding out that his name is trending because some women are lusting after him.

Completely disagreeing with those fans, one person reacted to Steve Harvey as a trending topic, "Our people are dying and you decide it time to reveal that you get wet for Steve Harvey. Freedom is so far away." Another asked in disbelief, "Y'all on here talking about having sex with big gums big teeth Steve Harvey, Umar Johnson, & Tyler Perry??????"

"not my brothers and sisters thirsting over steve harvey," a third user enthused. A confused person noted, "I thought Steve Harvey died but instead he's trending because people are horny for Steve Harvey."

"LOOK! Somebody on my TL is lusting after Steve Harvey and I'm legitimately concerned," a fifth one reacted. Blaming coronavirus pandemic for people's thirst over Steve, someone else claimed, "we've reached the point of quarantine where yall are openly thirsting over steve harvey."

A person, who can't stand it, wrote, "Dear god let us outside bc I should NOT be seeing steve harvey thirst tweets or the like on my tl!!" Another similarly said, "I see the timeline lusting after Tyler Perry & Steve Harvey so I must head out."

Someone else slammed the "Family Feud" host, "People are thirsting over Steve Harvey? The same man that made fun of Flint water, told Monice she was a problem because she stood up for herself, worst of all rubbed shoulders with trump all kekeing, this man is a menace not a thirst trap. I need Twitter to come to its senses!"

It's not clear what started the talk about Steve, but one of the tweets which expressed admiration at the 63-year-old features him looking sharp in suits for what looks like photo shoots. "Bruh Steve Harvey’s Drip is undefeated," the user wrote along with the pictures.

Steve Harvey Trending on Twitter

A Steve Harvey fan gushed over his pictures.

Another acknowledging Steve's charm wrote, "Are people JUST realizing how sexy Steve Harvey is ????like ???" Another declared, "i'd wait 90 days to f**k steve harvey," while a male user admitted, "Idk why steve harvey look damn hot, no offense but i'm STRAIGHT dont u ever think about that s**t."

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