'The Masked Singer': New Promo Reveals Season 4 Premiere Date, Teases Costumes

Meanwhile, executive producer Craig Plestis hints that next season of the hit FOX series is 'going to be even bigger, which is surprising to say with the pandemic going on.'

AceShowbiz - "The Masked Singer" is returning soon! The hit FOX series has announced the premiere date of its upcoming season 4. Through a new promo released on Wednesday, August 26, the show has revealed that it will return for season 4 on September 23.

The new clip also gives a brief glimpse of the costumes featured in the new season. That includes The Gremlin, The Snow Owl, The Crocodile, The Giraffe, The Broccoli, The Popcorn, The Seahorse, The Jellyfish, The Mushroom, The Dragon and The Sun.

Some of the new characters seem to be new iterations of previous costumed creations. Whatcha Macallit looks similar to season 2's Thingamajig, while Squiggly Monster seems to be part of Monster and Miss Monster's family. There is also Baby Alien which may remind viewers of The Alien from season 1.

While glimpse of the new costumes is super quick, the show reveals a better look at The Crocodile in its Twitter post. "New costumes. New celebrities. New season! Anyone can happen on #TheMaskedSinger, premiering Wednesday, September 23 at 8/7c!" read the tweet.

The Masked Singer announced details of season 4 on Twitter

'The Masked Singer' announced details of season 4 on Twitter.

Panelists Ken Jeong, Nicole Scherzinger, Robin Thicke and Jenny McCarthy will most likely reunite for the forthcoming season. Host Nick Cannon will also return despite his controversy over anti-semitic remarks.

Executive producer Craig Plestis also teases that "next season's going to be even bigger, which is surprising to say with the pandemic going on." Speaking with Deadline, he adds, "We have it cast, and we have some incredible names that I wish I could tell you right now, but I can't, and the show's going to be incredible."

"It just takes a lot longer to do these shows, I have to be completely honest," he continues. "Something that would just take an hour on a normal production day may take five hours. We start a lot earlier in the morning, and we go a lot later than we have ever done on any other year we've done the show. That's just the cost of doing something during the pandemic."

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