Masika Kalysha Shares Receipts She's Part of R.O.S.E. Organization After Being Denied by Its Pres

R.O.S.E. Organization President Toni D. Rivera's claims that the organization doesn't have partnership with the 'LHH: Hollywood' following her controversial video.

AceShowbiz - Masika Kalysha is setting the record straight. The TV star has responded to R.O.S.E. Organization President Toni D. Rivera's claims that the org doesn't have partnership with Masika following her controversial video, which Masika previously said was used to bring awareness of human trafficking through the org.

In a video she posted on Instagram, Toni said, "In reference to Masika doing a scene saying it was for my organization and I thank her for the support but I did not approve of that video." She was referring to Masika's clip featuring her pretending to be abused and kidnapped.

"I will not and my organization will not be accepting donations from OnlyFans. That video triggered a lot of people and people asked me if I'm partnering with her, no, R.O.S.E is mine. It kind of pissed me off because this is my life's work," she went on say.

In response to that, Masika pulled her receipts in an Instagram post by showing a letter from the organization for her. Quoting the letter, Masika wrote in the caption, " 'Your exuberant enthusiasm, your life story and an established trajectory of committing to serve others is most honorable. You are the kind of person we need on our platform. More important, you are who the world needs to see to heal broken hearts and restore the lives of women, children and men to wholeness.' "

"These were the beautiful words that welcomed me to to the board of advisors at @r.o.s.e._organization hmm. My platform is what you wanted until you got it & saw how difficult it is to stand firm and maintain your purpose while others try to tear you down. This is my daily life. I take the bricks thrown at me and build mansions. Toni you allowed the negative comments to supersede the end goal: saving lives and rescuing women and children," she added.

Although the "Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood" star admitted that she "still stand firm in my support with @r.o.s.e._organization and its efforts to save victims of human trafficking," Masika announced that she stepped down from the board. "It is with great sadness that I am choosing to step down from the advisory board, but this will NOT slow down my efforts in this battle. Respectfully," Masika concluded.

The reality TV star was blasted as soon as she shared the controversial clip on August 25, featuring her covered in bruises. "I got beat up. I don't know how much time I have. I got beat really bad, and they're coming. All you guys have to do is leave me tip and follow me so they can let me home. Guys please help," she tearfully said in the video.

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