Twitter Cancels 'Stranger Things' Star Noah Schnapp for Saying N-Word in Leaked Video

In the video, the actor is seen singing along to Chris Brown's part on 'Freaky Friday', 'Bigs up, my n***a, we up, my n***a. You p***y a**, n****s, man, f**k y'all n****s.'

AceShowbiz - Noah Schnapp has just landed himself in big trouble. The "Stranger Things" star is currently receiving backlash after a leaked video showed himself screaming the N-word confidently as he enjoyed a road trip with his friends.

In the said video, Noah could be seen singing along to Lil Dicky and Chris Brown's "Freaky Friday" while on the road with his friends. "Wait, can I really say the n-word? What up, my n***a, what up, my n***a?" he sang his heart out, bouncing his head up and down. "Bigs up, my n***a, we up, my n***a. You p***y a**, n****s, man, f**k y'all n****s. 'Cause I'm that n***a, n***a, n***a."

Following the leak of the video, Noah's name started trending on social media with a number of people canceling him. "not noah schnapp screaming the N word MULTIPLE times. we can't trust anyone anymore i swear," someone said. "Ok but why did Noah schnapp say the n-word so confidently that's how you know he says it on a daily," another assumed, while one other person echoed, "Noah schnapp seemed so comfortable sayin the n-word and THAT is how you know he definitely says it daily. and if you are a non-black person you have no right to be defending him or have any say on why he shouldn't be canceled."

Meanwhile, some other people called him a liar as they pointed out at the time when Noah said, "I do not support racism or homophobia. I have never said the N word and I pride myself on that." An individual said, "LOOOOOL fake woke," while someone else wrote, "ew the fact that he would even pride himself in it even if it were true…"

Noah has yet to respond to this.

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