Paris Hilton Confused Abuse With Love During Relationships Due to Past Tortures at Boarding School

The hotel heiress claims she 'accepted' abuse from past boyfriends because she thought it was normal following alleged mistreatment at boarding school when she was younger.

AceShowbiz - Paris Hilton found herself trapped in a string of abusive relationships after alleged mistreatment at boarding school.

The 39-year-old DJ is getting candid about her early years in her upcoming YouTube documentary, "This Is Paris", and speaking ahead of its launch next month (Sep20), she opened up on details about some of the pain she suffered at the Provo Canyon School in Utah.

Paris, who enrolled at the institution at age 17 for 11 months, told People she was "bullied" by staff at the organisation, who "were physically abusive, hitting and strangling us."

And according to the hotel heiress, the negative experience continued as "The Simple Life" star embarked on a series of relationships with abusive men.

"I accepted it because I almost thought it was normal," she told The Sunday Times newspaper. "It was like, 'He loves me so much that he's going this crazy', and I just wanted love so bad that I was willing to accept being hit or yelled at or screamed at or strangled, or a lot of things."

The star went public with her relationship with current beau, entrepreneur Carter Reum, in April (20), and discussing her current relationship literally brought Paris to tears of joy during the interview.

"I feel like my grandmother sent him to save me," she gushed, admitting, "I love him so much. Finally, I've found my perfect match, someone I want to spend the rest of my life with and have a family with."

Paris added, "I've said 'He's the one' before just because I always wanted to portray 'I'm so happy with the perfect life, the perfect boyfriend', but I never truly felt that."

During her rise to fame as a party-loving heiress, Paris was linked to "Terminator 2: Judgment Day" actor Edward Furlong, who has since faced domestic violence charges stemming from allegations made by other partners.

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