Trey Songz Shows Text Exchanges With Accuser Amid Kidnapping and Sexual Misconduct Allegations

The 'Bottoms Up' singer denies any wrongdoing as he is facing multiple sexual misconduct allegations and being accused of holding a woman hostage in hotel.

AceShowbiz - R&B star Trey Songz is determined to keep his "head high" and "push forward" after fighting back against allegations of sexual misconduct.

The "Bottoms Up" hitmaker took to Twitter on Wednesday (19Aug20) to defend himself after a woman called Aliza, also known as AJ, appeared on the "No Jumper" podcast with her friend, Instagram personality Celina Powell, and claimed she was once held hostage by Songz and urinated on after giving him oral sex in a hotel suite bathroom.

"He took my phone and my purse away for like the whole day, held it over the balcony, and he was like, 'B**ch, if you're trying to leave, I'm gonna drop this s**t,' " Aliza said.

However, Songz said that never happened and proceeded to post screenshots of his previous direct messages with Aliza, who appeared to offer herself up for sexual encounters and begs him to unblock her on social media.

In one exchange, Aliza suggests a meet up in Los Angeles, but appears to fall asleep before Songz responds.

"Y'all stay ready to believe a bird," he captioned the post in response to the allegations.

He then began addressing other accusations levelled against him in recent months, insisting he refuses to stay silent when opportunists attempt to take advantage of the #MeToo movement against sexual misconduct.

"I usually stay quiet on this but I feel that in many ways the movement to fight for the women who actually have suffered harassment and abuse on various levels, has been hijacked by those who find it convenient for themselves to come up (become famous) as they seek to destroy someone's life (sic)," he tweeted.

"I brush it off everytime but once you have an allegation no matter it's true weight in validation, it's now happened once and to some will be believable from that moment forward (sic). None of that happened."

He then turned his attention to a Georgia woman only identified in court as "Jane Doe", who sued him for sexual battery earlier this year (20) regarding an alleged incident in Miami, Florida in 2018.

"Y'all remember Jane Doe claimed I sexually assaulted her in Miami?" he continued. "She wants me to pay for her therapy and the rest of her school cause of 'all the trauma she's been through."

Songz then posted screenshots from another female who had been present during the 2018 encounter, who had contacted the star, offering to testify on his behalf as she expressed her shock at the sexual battery accusations, because she hadn't witnessed anything of the sort.

"Pls (please) read," he wrote beside the posts, which appeared to detail the night in question.

He concluded his tweets by vowing to overcome the attacks on his character as he thanked his fans for standing by him throughout the controversies.

"You will choose 2believe what you want," he added. "I've been focusing my energy and time on good things and I know the Devil wants my soul more now than ever."

"Ima keep my head high and push forward. If you holdin me down (supporting me) in these moments I preciate that (sic)."

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