Paris Hilton in Tears While Talking About Her Childhood Trauma: It Still Gives Me Nightmares

In a trailer for her upcoming YouTube documentary, the socialite says that her trauma is the reason why she 'created this brand and this persona and this character.'

AceShowbiz - Paris Hilton has always been known as someone who looks like an individual who doesn't have any problems in the world. However, what people don't know is the fact that the reason why she's decided to create that kind of persona is heartbreaking, so much that she doesn't even tell her family about it.

In a trailer for her upcoming YouTube documentary, "This Is Paris", the socialite reveals that something "happened in my childhood that I've never talked about with anyone." She then adds that she can't even tell her sister, Nicky Hilton, and mother about it "because every time I tried, I'd get punished by them."

"I still have nightmares about it," she elaborates. "The only thing that saved my sanity is thinking about who I wanted to become when I got out of there. I just created this brand and this persona and this character, and I've been stuck with her ever since."

Directed by Emmy-winning director Alexandra Dean, "This Is Paris" is set to stream for free starting from September 14 on Paris' official YouTube channel. According to the press release, Paris is set to speak "publicly for the first time about heartbreaking trauma and pivotal moments in her early life that forged who she is today," while also embarking on "a journey of healing and reflection, reclaiming her true identity along the way."

In an interview on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" last month, Paris revealed that filming for the documentary was "almost therapeutic." She said, "I'm excited, but I'm also very nervous given the topics discussed in this film. It's things I've never talked about before, really personal and traumatic experiences, so to talk about that publicly is obviously very hard."

"To actually be myself was a completely different experience, but also almost therapeutic in some way, where I learned so much about myself. I had no idea why I am the way I am, and now I understand myself so much more," she continued.

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