Directed by Matthew Cullen, the video finds the pregnant songstress getting hooked to a game called Smile in which she plays a video game version of herself.

AceShowbiz - Less than a month before the release of her new LP, Katy Perry has treated fans to the visuals of the title track of her effort. The music video was released exclusively on Facebook on Thursday, August 13, before making its way out on other platforms like YouTube the following morning.

Directed by Matthew Cullen, the video finds Katy getting hooked to a video game called Smile in which she plays a video game version of herself who conquers various kinds of obstacles such as giant spiders and circus-trapeze acts while dressed as a clown. As the songstress progresses through the game, she magically transforms into a real-life version of her video game character.

"Yeah, I'm thankful/ Scratch that, baby, I'm grateful/ Gotta say it's really been a while/ But now I got back that smile/ Smile," so Katy sings in the music video, which ends with the singer happily smashing the pie in her face after she defeats the final boss of the game.

"Smile" serves as the title track of Katy's upcoming LP. She previously said of the song, "I wrote the title track from the album when I was coming through one of the darkest periods of my life and had lost my smile. This whole album is my journey towards the light -- with stories of resilience, hope, and love."

"Smile" is expected to hit the stores on August 28 after a postponement. Speaking of the effort in an interview, Katy explained that the track "What Makes a Woman" has an empowering message that she hopes her daughter will take it to heart. "It's a song about how you are gonna have a tough time measuring what truly makes a woman because women are so many things," she said. "And I like to say not one thing, not just one thing. And such chameleons, and so adaptable, and so malleable and transformative. And can handle the weight of the world on their backs and do it all in heels. And make it look pretty effortless sometimes."

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