Michele Morrone: '365 DNI' Is Not Meant to Minimize the Reality of Sexual Violence

The actor playing mafia boss Massimo in the erotic film has shared his thought on the criticism that the movie glamorizes rape, kidnapping, and sex trafficking.

AceShowbiz - Actor Michele Morrone has spoken out against critics of his Netflix movie "365 Days" (a.k.a. "365 DNI").

The erotic film follows a mafia boss named Massimo, played by Morrone, who has a near-death experience and sees the image of a young woman named Laura (Anna Maria Sieklucka) while he's close to dying.

Years later, he runs into that woman by chance, kidnaps her, and gives her 365 days to fall in love with him, with viewers criticising the film for glamorising rape, kidnapping, and sex trafficking.

"Mercy" singer Duffy is among those who have spoken out about the movie after going through a similar real-life experience but, speaking to E! News, Morrone insisted, "it's important to remember that this film is based on a work of fiction".

"365 Days was a very successful book in Poland before it was made into a movie. When an audience watches a film, I think they know what they see on screen is not always real, but my job as an actor is to make it feel real, to make you connect to Massimo even though he is a mob boss," he explained.

"I trust the audience to know that this movie is a fantasy," he added, affirming that, "this behaviour is completely unacceptable in real life."

While Morrone does understand where people are coming from when they criticise the movie, he reflected that, "we have to be careful not to limit art from being created".

"I wouldn't say we shouldn't allow a fictional movie like this to exist, because then what about films that are about war, crimes, murders, and, yes, celebrated mob movies," he asked. "This film is not meant to minimise the reality of sexual violence in the world. I do not want people to think this behaviour is OK. It is not."

"I think it's good that the movie is causing people to talk about these issues, so we can create more awareness about them in our society."

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